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Daniel is the creator of Seeing The Sound.


Seeing the Sound launched with its first collection of six stories in September 2017. Based in Surrey, UK. Daniel was commissioned by Arts Council England to produce six short Audio Animated Stories designed specifically for children who are visually impaired. Simply put, the stories we created were audio-focused, with the (optional) additional use of bright, vivid, solid colours to emphasise characters, mood and setting. Our Audio Animated Stories were written, performed and edited in a manner to give a heightened level of immersion, without requiring ‘Audio Description’ or any other additional aid that may break immersion. Our aim was to create visceral, animated imagery inside your imagination.


Each ‘Audio Animated Story’ is essentially a cross between an audiobook (taking the mediums detailed audio description to establish characters and settings without visuals) combined with the voice acting, performance, larger than life characters, and magic of an animation.

We edited our Audio Animated Stories using a method we call ‘Proximity Edit’ in which we edit all audio in respective proximity to the main character in order to encourage the listener to feel like they are the protagonist – hearing everything as it happens around them.

Each Audio Animated Story's aim was to inspire progressive, accepting morals and be approximately 20 minutes long. Additionally, are stories included a diverse ensemble of voice actors playing a wide range of differently-abled protagonists.



Funded by the Arts Council England with the Support from leading UK Charities. Seeing The Sound's stories were successfully published on Calibre Audio Library for the visually impaired.

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Royal Society for Blind Children
Katherine Payne - Innovation Manager

"We are really excited by Seeing The Sounds projects and their audio animations. We are really excited for the 22,000 children and young people who are living in England and Whales with sight loose. We thing this is a fantasic way for them to experience stories and to get lost in those worlds like we all remember doing with the books when we were younger."

Calibre Audio Library
Michael Lewington - Director 

"It's going to allow children, particually visually impaired children to immerse themselves in an audio experience. It's a new form of audio book and it's going to suppliment what many parents do with their sited children to allow them to read, embelish on the story and interpret the characters - allowing the children to immerse themselves. By using this expereince in audio it's going to do all that for a visually impaired child."

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